throwawaycarol Thread

A friend of mine is somewhat of a medium, she uses a different word to describe it though, I just can't remember.

She only told me this recently, it's been a lifelong thing she's had where she can communicate with spirits. While drinking together in my parents' basement, she said "not gonna lie, you guys do have someone in your house." As she began to describe him, I got a little suspicious about who it might be, but she asked not to guess because it might sway her opinion.

I'm not sure what she said that made me figure it out, but I eventually told her that I thought it could be my dad's dad, who died when I was 4. She froze in her seat (coincidentally one that had been in his house at one point) and said "yupp, it's him" and proceeded to tell me things about him that she couldn't have possibly known.

this isn't as scary as some of the other stories, but I figured I could retell it here.

she's also told me some effed things about seeing imps and dark spirits in her house. if it's true, i'm not going back there any time soon.