sweetd00d Thread

When I was around 11, my mom and I moved into an apartment in south Carolina where I'm from. We had moved around a lot and it was a nice little apartment;I had my own bathroom for once. The apartments themselves were newish,I have no idea what was there before then, but my apartment was literally a five minute walk through the woods that led up to it from the catawba river, named after the native American tribe local to the area. A few months into living there I began seeing a shadow in my dark room at night on the opposite side of my room. I was unsure how I could be seeing a shadow in the dark, and it was quite unnerving. It looked to be around 5'7" and out scared the shit out of me. It would appear every night in that corner and just seem to watch me. After a few weeks of this, one night,I heard my mom get into an argument with her boyfriend at the time. He was yelling very loudly and I'm still unclear to this day as to what the argument was about or how it started(I had never heard them argue before) but I heard him scream at my mother that he would kill my mother and I both and bury us in the woods beside the river. As I said, to this day, no fucking idea what brought that on. Needless to say my mom never saw him again. But the night that happened I saw the shadow again just as before. But this time it moved. It moved so fast across my room that as soon as I realized what happened I screamed and started crying and my mom came in to check on me. I figured she'd think I was crazy so I said nothing about it. After that I would leave the light on in my room and I began to have insomnia over time. We moved to another apartment, this time in Charlotte,nc. It followed me. It even stayed with me when I moved to Atlanta with my dad. But I had gotten on medication to help me sleep so I would take it until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and turn the light off and Sprint/dive into my bed. It wasn't until I graduated high school and moved back in with my mother, this time in Greenville,sc, that I got off the medication for lack of insurance and saw it again. This time it was different. It stood there in the corner watching me again. I closed my eyes and when I opened them it had moved directly in front of my face beside my bed and leered over me as if to say it was pissed I had been avoiding it for so long. It smelled awful and seemed to be pure fucking darkness. I screamed and when I blinked it was gone. I broke down and told my mom all about it that night. My mom has had supernatural experiences herself and she watches all those ghost Hunter shows and what not, so I thought she'd understand. She did, but not the way I'd hoped. She told me that it was nothing to be afraid of, that it was probably just a normal, friendly ghost trying to communicate with me because I could see it. I still can't understand how someone who watches those ghost shows could possibly think that what I'm describing is friendly, but I digress. This thing did that every night for a week until I started simply keeping my light on again and not sleeping again. We went to the flea market one day and I fell in love with a puppy and brought him home. He was 8 weeks old and was very timid and sweet, not at all like most puppies who are all over the place and extremely hyper. I always kept the light on and he would stay up with me. One night a few months later my mom saw the light on in my room and yelled at me about raising the electric bill and staying up all night, and told me that was it I needed to go to sleep like a normal person. Caesar(my puppy, around 4 months old at this point and about 20 pounds) got into bed with me as I turned out the light. With no sign of the shadow,I somehow managed to doze off after a couple of hours. I woke up to Caesar standing on my chest growling and snarling into the darkness. I had never heard him even bark, much less growl the way he was. I was worried the shadow was getting angry because although I couldn't see it,I could smell it's rotten fucking stench in my room. I was terrified of it hurting my dog and I tried to pull him back towards me but he wouldn't budge and instead stepped over me closer to the edge of the bed, snarling at the darkness. And all of the sudden it all stopped. Caesar sat down and stared, but stopped growling, and it was like a vacuum sucked the stench out of the air. To this day I have not seen or smelled anything like it again. Caesar is now a very happy, healthy,4 year old, 95 pound doggie who is basically my child. I feel as though I owe my life to him. He still sleeps in the bed with me. If anyone can offer any explanation for what happened to me or has a similar story I would love to hear it.

Tl;dr saw and smelled creepy shadow figure, dog ran it off.