random_cat_generator Thread

I work in healthcare IT, so when something goes down at work, I pretty much stay there until it's fixed.

I was working late one night last summer. Probably mid to late July. I was there alone, just sitting at my desk fixing whatever was wrong with the system at the time. At the time, this was only my second time there after-hours and the first time there past midnight. The building itself is kind of creepy at night. The HVAC system makes all sorts of weird squealing, hissing and banging sounds. You can feel it in the floor. The walls make a cracking sound as the air flow changes. On top of that, the office is located in a somewhat secluded area, so if there was say, a murderer, he or she would probably be able to break into the building without any witnesses at this time of night. You can probably imagine how jumpy I was.

Amidst the fucking creepy noises this place makes at night, I hear talking outside my window. Of course, the blinds are down as to not draw attention to the building after hours. I just assumed there were people going for a late night walk or something. But as I listen, the talking just doesn't sound normal to me. It just sounded like 'noise' if that makes any sense. Almost as if it were talking in a foreign language. I remember having to consciously make the choice to look outside, or to turn the lights off and pretend like I wasn't there. Well, being as close as I was to pissing my pants I just sat there and did nothing. But now in addition to the voice which I still cannot understand, it sounds like someone is moving the landscaping rocks just outside the window. So I do the only thing that was logical to me at the moment - which was to turn off the lights and then slowly and carefully peek outside between the blinds. I almost shit myself. A toddler's face was pressed up against the window, staring back at me. What the fuck? I can't move. I don't know if he saw me or not. Not sure if I was really seeing this for real or not, I somehow got the balls to open the blinds up. Keep in mind the lights are still off, so due to the light outside of the office, he probably wasn't able to see inside that well. I just stand there, a few feet away from the window...no idea what I should be doing. Then, just like his mom or dad called his name out or something, he ran away and down into the parking lot. I looked outside but couldn't see him anywhere. Still too scared to go outside, I called 911 and reported having found a possible missing child. Minutes later, my phone rings and it's a restricted number. Thankfully, it's just the police department. They inform me that there have been no reports of missing children and that an officer would be sent out to the area to have a look around - no action on my end was required.

Well being shook up and whatnot, I decided to just call it a night. It was probably close to 1:00am now. I drove home, slept and went to work the next morning. Later that day, I check the news websites for reports of missing children. Nothing. I even check the 30-day police log online for any signs of child abuse or missing children. Nothing. The kid that I saw that night was completely unaccounted for.

I still don't know what the hell I saw that night.