orpheusofdreams Thread

When I was in the third grade, I was lying in bed staring at the moon. I must have been staring at the darn thing for about thirty minutes until it started to move. At first it moved very slowly and after 2 seconds it accelerated and warped away. When I peeked out of the window, I found out that the real moon was on the other side of the house and not in direct view of my window. I raved about it all night but my parents didn't believe me.

Edit: Just remembered the creepiest thing I've encountered. One time my little bro and I were playing basketball and I heard someone whisper, "help." The sound seemed like it came from someone running because of the doppler effect. I just froze in my spot with the ball in hand. I looked at my brother and he had the same expression of shock. I asked him if he heard it too. He said he didn't hear anything but he saw what seemed like a lady run by me. Creepy shit.