cuntpuntyourface Thread

After reading all these stories, I feel more comfortable that my belief in otherworldly entities is further grounded in other peoples' experiences.

But here's my story. I want to say that I'm an avid believer in ghosts, but I have a strong ability to waive off most occurrences. I get especially freaked out in my own room after watching scary/horror movies... which is what makes this story kind of creepy.

Directly across the way from my room's door is the door to the room across the narrow hallway. If you want to think about it, my room is at the end of a hallway that's maybe 4 to 5 feet wide and there's another room directly on the other side. I'm an only child so the other room happens to be the room I sleep in.

I'm studying in one room - my desk faces a wall and to my left is the door. As I'm sitting there reading, out of the corner of my eye I see a figure hunched over in a cradling fetal position on the ground (arms wrapped around bent legs). It's completely white, isn't wearing any clothes... hell, I don't even know what it was. But at that very moment, I froze. My whole body turned cold. You know when you always scream at those characters in the movie to run, but their feet are planted and they're scared stiff. That was me. It was the scariest, worst feeling I've ever had.

Of course, when my body is able to move again, I look there and it's gone. I didn't see a scary movie before this. I was just sitting there doing homework. It never happened again. It's a new house. I felt pretty comfortable in it, which makes it even weirder.