Penguinsaretheshit Thread

This was never a scary or creepy memory, but for those who I have told they have all been freaked out by it.

It happened back when I was young maybe about 6 or 7 and I live in East London in a council house. One day my mum and my aunt were in the living room and I went upstairs. All my other siblings and father was out so it was just us three. Anyways I went up stairs to my sisters room and she had one of those high beds with a desk underneath and me being short I couldn't see very well on the bed but I could see a a figure of a girl laying down. Thinking it was my sister I called her name, I called her name a couple of times and she didn't answer so I thought she was asleep. So I carried into my room blah blah anyways 30 min later our dog Jack was going crazy so I came out my room and saw that he was in my sisters room growling and going crazy at the bed. So my mum and my aunt run upstairs with a bat and a knife, and I went "mum he's probably growling at Alex" (my sister) but then she said "no, Alex is out with your dad". When I look in that bed there wasn't anyone there.

So yeah creepy for some but when I look back on it, it isn't for me. Also I've written this on my phone, so bad grammar, formatting you know why.