KrazyFUBAR Thread

I took my now ex-girlfriend to the lake with a bunch of other friends for the weekend. We spent the day cliff diving, barbecuing, just dicking around. We left for the lake Friday morning pretty early, the drive was about 4 hours away (Texas). This was my first time to visit this lake and I wasn't aware it was in the middle of absolute nowhere.

The lake is surrounded with camp area. On one side of the lake has no electricity (no lights and pretty much outhouses). We decided to stay on that side.

The sun went down and later that night 2 of my friends decided they wanted to have sex in their tent. Me and my girlfriend leave and walk to the other side of the lake. She had to use the restroom. The restrooms on this side of the lake were lighted and had actual stalls and sinks.

I kept thinking it looked scary as hell. The walls were faded white brick that looked as if it was melting and the only light came from the flickering florescent light from the women's bathroom (men's bathroom was on the other side of the little square building).

It was dark and quiet so I peered in to make sure it was empty. It was. At least that's what I thought.

As soon as she crosses into the bathroom she comes right back out saying she heard something inside. She backs out and I bend over to look under the walls of the stalls.

First thing I see is a pair of huge muddy men's work boots. Now normally I wouldn't think much about it, maybe the men's bathroom wasn't working, but the boots were facing the wrong way and beside the toilet instead of in front of it. At that moment whoever was in there slammed the stall door open screaming in tongues or some shit. I never saw him and I've never run so fast.