Kaylie14 Thread

This is my dad's story. He was sleeping with my step mom and had a dream that he was naked, alone, and in the fetal position in the same bed. In his dream he kept rocking back and forth saying, "please God just get it away from me. Please just make it go away." He woke up and thought 'get what away from me?' After a few seconds, he heard in what he described the most deep, dark voice coming from the back of his bed that drew out the word 'god' and said, "who are you to say that God is real".. He said he froze there and just waited for morning. While my step mom was cooking, he was sitting at the table and asked her as casually as he could, "did you hear anything strange last night?" Wondering if it was his imagination. She turned around with tears running down her face saying she heard it too.