JayRobot Thread

The first day of school in 8th grade our science teacher told us a story. She turned off all of the lights and asked us to close our eyes and imagine what she was saying. It went (kind of) like this.

"You are playing in a field of flowers by yourself. It is one of those days where the sun is shining but it's not hot. All of your favorite colors of flowers are in the field. You play for a little while longer, then you realize you are really thirsty. You begin to walk down a dirt path with trees on either side, someone has been taking care of them. The dirt road seems to go on forever, until you spot an old house in the distance. You approach the house and it seems abandoned. There are cats and dogs running around everywhere. You come up to the porch, you step up and the floorboards creek. You peek through a window, from what you can tell the house is dark. You can tell someone lives there. You knock on the door. "Anybody home?" You say. Nothing responds. You try a few more times but still no response. You are really thirsty, so you turn the handle, hear a click, and the door squeaks open. You step inside, and you are immediately cold. It is deathly quiet in the house. You walk around the one-story house, kitchen, living room, bedroom, but you find no water. You come upon a mysteriously out of place door in the back of the house. You slowly open the door to find that it is the door to the basement. You take a few painfully slow steps down. It is even colder in here than it was in the house. Your feet reach the floor. You put your hand on the right side wall to guide you because there is no light at all in the basement. You feel the walls peelings. You ease ever so slowly along the wall. You hear a faint noise. You reach your trembling hand in front of you, until...

The teacher then screamed at the top of her lungs. The whole class fell out of their seat. A couple kids ran out of the classroom. I know a table was flipped from fear. That was the scariest story I'd ever heard. It was how she delivered it, gradually getting more frantic and dark. She tied this to science somehow but I forget. Dick move. Dick move.