This is going to get burried but here I go:

I grew up in hudson county NJ. If you don't know where that is: if you go to Manhattan and go to the hudson river on 42nd street and look across into NJ, you can see the building I grew up in. Well that area has a set of cliffs named The Palisades. The rise about 175 feet from River Road, which is literally right next to the hudson river. There's spots that are accessable by climbing over fences or walls that we used to go drinking on/smoke spots.

So its the summer after freshman year/before sophmore year in high school and a group of us would rotate drinking between each others houses and then go to the cliffs when it was around time for our parents to come home. No major drinking just 40s and Mad Dog 20/20 and Ciscos.

One day a group of 6 of us head there around 430pm and continue to drink. So we're all chillin having a good time. Our friend Kenny C is leaning against a tree when I heard a noise and turned but it was too late. The tree(a small skinny one) snapped and I turned just in time to see Kenny go tumbling off the cliff. Me and my friend Joe run to the edge hoping to see Kenny holding on, but he wasn't. We saw him land at the bottom of a 175 foot drop.

So me and Joe find a path that leads most of the way down and then have to climb down about 30feet to the bottom where there is thick thorny bushes. We get to Kenny but it was too late. He mustve hit his head on the way down, because it was twisted and at an ungodly angle. Still nonetheless I tried to perform CPR on him till the medics got there. The shitty part is where he landed was maybe 3 blocks from Palisades Hospital in North Bergen, but it took them 40mins to get through the brush to us. I tried for 40 mins to revive him, but to no luck. Also me and Joe wound up having to go to the hospital cuz the thorns sliced our legs so bad we required stitches.

His family didn't have money, and his casket looked like it was too small for him. His little sister (6 at the time) walked upto the casket and says"That's not Kenny. He doesn't have his smile so it can't be him" and his mother let out the most ungodly scream/wail/cry I've ever heard.

To this day I can still hear what the tree sounded like when it snapped, and the wail his mom let out upon hearing what his sister says. Seeing him falling down the cliff is something that is etched into my mind forever. And the feeling like I could've done more to help him is something I still live with to this day, 16 years later.