ruthi Thread

Grew up on a very old farm, and when my brother left for college I inherited his old room. We have a motion detecting flood light outside by one of our barns which you can see from this new room which helps during the 1/4 mile walk up the driveway. After my first few nights staying in this room, I woke up at around 3ish and notice 2 things: 1. The floodlight outside is on, and 2. my bed is shaking very violently. My immediate assumption was that there was an earthquake, but since we live in the PA countryside this was unlikely. My second assumption was that this must be some form of sleep paralysis, but I quickly nixed that idea when I got up out of bed. I figured that maybe I was coming out of some really vivid dream and was just really shaken, but I put my hand on the bed again and, sure enough, it was moving back and forth. After a moment the shaking stopped, and simultaneously the light outside turned off.

Never happened again, though when I brought it up to my brother he shrugged and said "Yeah, that room's pretty fucked up."