reticentbias Thread

Probably too late to see much exposure in this thread, but I thought I'd share. I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday with my best friend, and when we landed in Vegas, we both had to piss bad. We'd been drinking the entire day (in the previous airport and on our plane flight, first class seats!) so we had to go BAD.

We made a mad dash to the bathroom and stopped at the 2 closest open urinals. Big mistake. Next to the one I stopped at, there was a short, stocky mexican gentlemen standing very close to me with both hands on his junk. I could tell this from the periphery of my vision without even turning my eyes. It gave me the heebiest of the jeebies for some reason, and THEN, this motherfucker finishes, shakes his shit a couple times, and ruins my life forever. He turned toward me with his junk out, still cradling it in both hands as though it were the most important sausage in the meat shop, he began to shake it at me violently. He shook and shook and shook. I don't know if he was crazy, and he was trying to spray me with urine droplets, or if he was crazy, and he was just having a one man all hands on deck beat off session right in front of an audience.

I stumbled over to the sink and splashed water in my face, unable to believe what had just happened to me. I will never forget that man's junk, nor his face as he grunted angrily and furiously whipped it toward me repeatedly until I stumbled away, defeated.