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Late to the party but...

I had just moved to the outside of Montgomery, AL and was living by myself in a pretty large apartment. I didn't know anyone in town and had only moved in to my apartment 2 weeks ago. I hadn't moved any furniture down except for a mattress and my television.

So one weekday night after i'd been down there for a couple of weeks I came home from work and had dinner, showered, all that good stuff. I remember watching TV, not seeing anything good on, hopping in bed and turning the TV off, putting the remote on the floor near my head.

I fell asleep, and woke up later in the night. The TV was blaring, so I reached to grab the remote and turn it off, but the remote wasnt there. So i got up, turned it off and hopped back in bed, kind of still half sleeping. And then i heard that fucking wood creaking noise where you can tell someone is tiptoeing but still making a lot of noise. Holy fuck I remember I couldn't move. Literally frozen with fear. I hadn't even brought my gun to town yet so I literally had nothing to defend myself with other than my bare hands. The person walked around in the living room for a minute, walked in the kitchen, back to the living room and then the front door opened and shut. I didn't move for probably upwards of an hour. Finally I got up the courage to turn the lights on. So i went to make sure whoever it was, was gone, and I checked the locks and all that. Walking back to my room I saw the remote control over in the far corner of the living room.

The mother fucker who broke into my house had literally gone in my room, taken the remote control from right next to me, walked out of my room, turned the tv on, walked around, and then left. I had to get a xanax prescription to get any sleep for the next month. Awful.