cumaboardladies Thread

I went on a cross country road trip, and let me tell you I saw a lot of crazy shit I will never forget. The one thing that I will never forget was when we were on some interstate (I was around 11 so my memory is alittle fuzzy) in New Mexico. We usually parked at walmarts because they would let RVs use their parking lots to stay the night. Well this walmart was right off the interstate so our RV was parked not more then 50ft away from the interstate. We were watching a thunderstorm come up over the hills so I was looking out over the interstate. Well I started to hear a semi truck start blowing its horn and wondered what the hell he was honking at as there didnt seem to be anything infront of him for quite some time (this was at night). He then just held his horn and about 2 seconds later I saw that he was honking at a man who was just standing in the middle of the interstate in front of him. I knew what was going to happen to this man but for some reason I couldnt look away. I saw the semi truck plow right into this man and saw his whole body explode pretty much. The one thing I remember vividly was when we were standing outside watching the police clean up they had those white coroners sheets. They finally picked up all the peices and I remember the whole sheet was blood red.