correcthorsestapler Thread

This one happened to my wife.

I had just come out of surgery, so I was at my parents' house overnight since I was in no condition to drive. We were in the living room, which has a large picture windows facing the front yard. I was asleep on the air mattress while my wife was on the couch next to me. At the time, I also felt like crap and had been running a fever.

She said that in the early morning, before sunrise, she woke up to some birds squawking outside the window and saw a dark shape come in through the large windows, hover down the hallway towards my parents' bedroom, and then it slowly moved back to the living room. It ended up hovering over me for a second, then turned towards her and started to reach for her. She said she could make out a cloak, but there was no face, and the hands were a boney shape.

My wife said she closed her eyes and felt her neck go cold for a second. Then it was gone.

She spent some time the following day seeing if she could find anything that sounded similar to what she'd seen. She happened upon this.

I know she's not one for ghost stories, but she was pretty shaken up the next morning.