thelastblackredditor Thread

The scariest thing that has ever happened to me was about 5 years ago. It was something that didn't scare me much until I got older ald realized the dangers of the situation I was in.

My mother and father seperated long ago and me and my sister were over my mothers house for our vacation. My mom's car was in the auto shop so we took city buses everywhere. On this particular day we got groceries from a nearby Walmart and were carrying the bags home.

When we left the walmart it was around 8-9pm I think because it was dark. I wasn't scared though because I had my mom & sister nearby to protect me (keep in mind I was the youngest).

Anyway we started walking to the bus stop and it was just us and some weird guy we didn't know. The bus didn't come until another 10 minutes so we all stood there quiet. Occasionally I would glance over at him being the nosy little boy I was. He would just stare at us. I never payed it much attention though.

The bus finally came but because of the weird location of my mom's apartment it wouldn't be the only bus we rode to get home. When we got on the bus that sketchy guy sat behind us. I can't remember where he sat exactly because I didn't pay much attention to him. We were on the bus for several stops and he still stayed on as long as us. When we got off the bus he did too. Heres where things get weird. The stop we got off was like this place where lots of buses came for their last stop and took breaks. When we got off we waited until our bus arrived and sat on a bench.

He was at the same bench as us but he was maybe 10 feet away. Not too close so I just assumed he was getting on the same bus. When the bus came my mom told me to get on and follow her. I didn't know why but I did what she told me. We got on the bus and so did he.

When we got close to our stop we got off just before it and the man did too but before the bus doors closed we hopped back on. I was really confused as to why we did what we did but I didn't really care. He walked away for a moment then turned back toward the bus (this was just after he followed us off). He looked as if he was looking for someone. We were at the window seat and he stared at our window at us.

After that we never saw him again but wheen we got off at the correct spot I asked my mom why we didn't just wait instead of wasting our time getting on and off at the previous stop. She told me it was because we were being followed by the man from Walmart and she did that to test him and avoid him. I'm glad it worked. Back when it happened I didn't really understand but now when I think about it things could've gone really bad had my mom not acted when she did. This story probably isn't as scary to you as it is to me thinking about it now.

TL;DR- If I could write this with my phone, you could certainly take the time out of your day to read it dammit.