sawwaveanalog Thread

The night before my 11th or 12th birthday I was not able to sleep because I kept freaking out thinking that there was a sort of grim reaper style/emperor Palpatine looking cloaked demon type thing in standing in the middle of my room watching me. I did not have nightmares often as a kid and wasn't afraid of the dark or anything like that, but for some reason that night I just had this really vivid vision as I was laying there that somehow that demon was in my room with me staring at me. He was wearing a black cloak and didn't have a face, just glowing red eyes under the hood. I didn't actually see it, but in my mind I knew it was there. It freaked me out to the point that I slept in my parents room that night. I remember describing the demon guy to them and them saying it's cool, there are no demons in your room blah blah and that was it, I fell asleep in there just fine.

The next morning comes, and everything is fine, I had pretty much forgotten about it. We eat breakfast, and then my mom brings in a few presents and cards. I'm sitting there opening stuff, and get to the card from my uncle. I open it up, and my entire family goes silent. Totally black card. Cloaked demon in the middle. No face. Glowing red eyes. It didnt say anything. On the inside it didn't say anything, my uncle had just signed it. My mom took it without saying anything, took it outside, and did something with it. It was 100% exactly the demon thing I was seeing in my room last night. Identical. So fucked up.

The story has a happy ending though, my parents surprised me with a trip to Chicago that day instead of school, and then when we got back into town they surprised me with a Super Nintendo. So, win. But I will never forget that card, was definitely one of the most eerie things that has ever happened to me. It wasn't just a sort of similar looking guy, it was exactly what I had been seeing the night before, on an incredibly bizarre, out of context card. I have no idea what purpose that card was supposed to have, but happy birthday wasn't it.