dixiegirl13 Thread

My parents live in this county park with campgrounds. The county rents out the upstairs apartment long term and the downstairs one short term, like for a weekend or whatever.

When I was a senior in high school, during the winter I had to take a bus home and walk about half a mile through a wooded area that led to the main office to get home. About three times a week or so I'd get the feeling someone was watching me. My uncle told me it was just cougars, and if they hadn't attacked me by now they won't, they don't wait that long on prey. I told him I never saw any and he said they hide really well. Not the most comforting thing but I didn't think it was a murderer or anything.

So I was talking to my mom a few weeks ago and somebody committed suicide in the park. This park is 45 minutes away from the main town and about four miles from the nearest little town. Not exactly convenient. The guy that did it shot himself in his car. The park manager walked right by it during the day, it wasn't until night when border patrol saw it they thought anything was wrong. I was thinking, how traumatizing for an adult to find it, what if a kid found that??

I like living there but it is creepy.