chumia40 Thread

So this one time, I got home at night, but before my roommate. I watched tv for a bit and went to sleep.

My room is down the hallway and to the left and my roommate's room is at the end of it. I left my door open that night and around 3 am I wake up and in the darkness I notice that a person the size of my roommate was tiredly walking towards his room dragging what looked like a bag full of clothes... I remember thinking, "why the hell is this guy doing laundry in the middle of the night?" and go back to sleep without giving it a second thought.

Fast forward to the next morning. I wake up get ready for work and I see that my roommate's room is closed and left for work. In the evening when I came back I noticed my roommate was not home yet and around 7 pm he walks in the apartment with a hamper full of clean clothes and I asked him how he his day had been.

He then proceeds to tell me how he had gone to visit his mom after work the day before and took some laundry and ended up spending the night over there. He never even set foot in our apartment until the next day.