betoporco Thread

The scariest thing that has happened to me was when I was in high school. Probably grade 10 back in 2007. One weekend I was at my friends house who lives a block away. To get to his house I go through the park that is in the middle of the block instead of all the way around. That night we were having a big poker game which lasted a very long time. About 3am my dad calls me saying to come home. I was already out of the game at this time. Anyways, I left his house and headed through the park. As I'm walking I hear a scream that sounds like a little girl. Oddly enough I look at the swing set and see a little girl in a white dress on the swings. At first it didn't seem creepy to me until I realize this girl is alone and it's 3am. I stop walking and I start staring at this girl on this swings, thinking should I go help her. When suddenly she gets of the swings, turns and faces me and yells. Come push me. This freaked me out. The girl looked to be about four years of age. I turned and started to walk home when I hear her scream " I SAID COME PUSH ME!" Then this girl starts running toward me! I fucking ran! I got onto my street and hid at the side of my house. Now in the pitch dark I'm crouched at the side of my house and this little girl is on my street. I can see her standing in the middle of the road when she yells. "READY OR NOT HERE I COME!" At this point I was about to shit myself when put of no were I see another little girl come out of no where. Grabs her hand, and they start skipping back to the park. I quickly ran to my door. Unlocked it and went to bed. I haven't gone through the park at night ever again. And now that I drive I don't ever need to. Fuck that park. Fuck it! Anyways I never thought a little girl can scare the shit out me.