Silentknight11 Thread

Iv got a story, Ill try to keep it short.

I believe I was 9 or 10 at the time. My mother played in a small rock band with some friends, and my father helped out with sound occasionally. They were due to play at a small club somewhere in the city, and had informed me that they wouldn't be home until late. They left me the phone number to the club and told me to call in the case of an emergency, and they would leave the neighbors phone number just in case.\ About and hour after they left, I had started watching some TV and making myself some food when I heard a knocking sound on the West side of the house. At the time, my garage occupied this space so I assumed something had fallen over in the garage and hit the wall. My dog also had an opening near the back door of the garage to get in and out when it rained, so perhaps he was coming in that way and hit something. Either way, I decided not to worry about it.\ A short time later I heard another noise, but it wasn't the same knocking noise I had heard before. It sounded like someone was scraping a metal object on the metal fence that surrounded our property. The noise continued for several minutes, going back and forth along the fence. I looked out the upstairs window, but I couldn't see anything. My dog was surprisingly quite at this point, I figured if someone was out there he would have started making some kind of noise.\ Eventually the sound stopped. I had made my way back down to the basement to grab the phone from our living room. Once I grabbed the phone, I heard a very violent pounding sound on our fence. It sounded like someone was trying to smash the fence down. It was at this time that I heard my dog going crazy. My dog was an Alaskan Malamute, possibly 150 lbs and was as tall as I was. I stayed in the darkness of the living room with the phone ready to dial. I made my way through the darkness of the downstairs hallway into a small guest bedroom we had. There was a walkout door that opened into the backyard on the opposite side from where all the noise was coming from. My dog was still growling, and barking like I had never heard. It sounded more severe than when he would bark at the mailman, or school bus. I slowly made my way over to where the dog was, while dialing the number to the club. The phone seemed to ring forever...nobody was picking up. I dialed my neighbor, nobody picked up there either. I remained in the backyard, in the shadows for hours.\ The slamming noise had stopped, but my dog still wouldn't stop barking. I had imagined walking around the house to see someone standing just outside the fence staring at me. I was terrified. Finally, I saw a pair of headlights pull up into our driveway. It was at that point that I made my way over to the area I had heard the noises. The fence was missing a metal pole used to anchor it into the ground, and there was a bit of damage done to the surrounding fence. My dog was fine, thankfully.\ To this day, even though that dog has since passed I still thank him for potentially saving my life. My family doesnt really know how to take the story. When I bring up the fact that the fence doesnt just damage itself my parents agree, but dont think I was in any real danger. Nothing like that happened again.

TL;DR: I was home alone, heard some pounding and scraping noises on the fence outside. It sounded very aggressive, very quick. Eventually the sound stopped, and after my parents got home I inspected the fence to see there was some damage, and a metal support pole missing.