Griffinist Thread

I have an aunt that live in rural Indiana and there's not many people around her. One day a bible salesmen came to her door and starts trying to sell to her. She said she thought it was strange that he would work in an area so underpopulated and religious. She tells him that she already has her own bible but the man kept trying to sell to her. The odd part about this guy is that the whole time he's keeping an unbreaking smile on his face and a happy, upbeat voice. After minutes of telling this guy she does not need another bible she tells him that she owns a gun and will not hesitate to shoot him if he doesn't leave. Then he says, without breaking his upbeat character: "You wouldn't want blood all over your nice porch would you?" My aunt slammed the door, locked it,grabbed her kids and locked them and herself in the bathroom." She said when she looked at the bathroom window he was gone and there were no cars on the roads in any direction.