Cervix-Pounder Thread

Not sure how old i was, 5, 6 or maybe 7 but i woke up in the night, not sure what time but my parents were asleep. I could hear this noise coming from downstairs, i think in the living room. I could hear a boy about my age cryin, i knelt on the floor looking throught the bannisters upstairs but couldnt see anyone. The boy kept crying and wimpered the words "help me, please help me" a few times and kept crying, the TV wasnt on, no radio, nothing. Pitch black and scary as fuck i ran into my bedroom and went to sleep some how.

Another time i woke in the night and saw a dark blue figure of an old lady, she had shoulder legnth hair, a cardigan and a long skirt. She was sat on my chair. I described her to my dad and he said she sounded like his grandmother.

Last story, i woke up again a different time, i was facing away from the wall, looking out to my room and there was a black figure of an old man standing there, slightly slouched. He was wearing a flat cap, had a walking stick and was twiddling his thumbs whilst looking at my fish in their tank. I didnt actually feel scared, kind of felt friendly and safe. Again i described him to my dad and he said he sounds like his grandfather, he even used to twiddle his thumbs.