This is the GM soundtrack of Lost Vikings.
       I have yet to find a place which hosts the whole soundtrack
       in this format, so I found RyanMallon/TheLostVikingsTools
       on GitHub and extracted all the game data, identified all
       the XMI files, converted them to format 0 MIDI using
       wildmidi and manually identified the GM versions (there
       are multiple versions of the soundtrack, I suppose for MT32
       and possibly XG).
       Most places only seem to host the SNES or MD versions of
       this soundtrack.
 (SND) Caveman Land.mid
 (SND) Egyptian Groove.mid
 (SND) Factory Beat.mid
 (SND) Just Another Day.mid
 (SND) Self Destruct.mid
 (SND) The Croutonian Ship.mid
 (SND) The Lost Vikings.mid
 (SND) Viking Rock Concert.mid